Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dazzzzle. The Making of a Star!

She is the cover girl image (animated) of the most vaunted and controversial video game in the world, Grand Theft Auto: San Andrea's. She has appeared on billboards, in magazines and on television news and entertainment shows internationally. Adding to that she has appeared on MTV's hit documentary series: I'm an Actress. True Life, more than once. She writes rap and songs, sings, dances and is a devout practitioner of Kundalini Yoga. She designs Hemp Clothing and is a confirmed environmentalist/conservationist. She's seems to be pretty passionate about all of her pursuits. Poised to take over the world of Show Biz, she needed some help. That help came in the form of Producer/Writer Kenny Beck who created a number of different enter-tainment properties to help launch her career, on several fronts, simultaneously. Blessed with a sexy body and beautiful face Dazzzzle is "tearing down walls" all over the place. Careful planning, patience and knowledge is the key to the success of this endeavor. Artists if you don't know be humble enough to ask for and accept help from someone with more experience than you. Check your ego and ignorance at the front door, for they can be the "kiss of death" for your career.

Too many inexperienced folks come to Hollywood with a brash attitude and ego large enough to fill-up the Hollywood Bowl several times over. Most soon learn that they are, not-in-fact, the gift to the entertainment biz, they thought they were. They're lead role in the high school or college rendition of "Taming of the Shrew" doesn't really pave the way to glory, much as they thought it would. Knowledge, persistence, diligence and of course, an extraordinary amount of talent does that, quite nicely. Stop begging people to pick-up the slack for your less than true diligence to the craft and stop attempting to pay your dues. Everyone has to. If you're not successful, you have but yourself to blame. If it doesn't work one way, try another. If it doesn't work that way, try another and another and another until you get it right!

We now live in an "American Idol" mindset type of society, for which Kenny Beck is part to blame (I'll explain more later). This generation is looking for instant gratification with everything they encounter. Screw hard work, the Hell with paying dues, somebody discover me, NOW, give me some money and finance my career. Uh uh, sorry, it just doesn't go like that. Legions before you have endured and have suffered at the hands of the insufferable to MAKE IT. Why should you be any different. By virtue of you being here, at this wonderfully, opportunistic time, you should be happy to do whatever is necessary for success. Take stock of yourself and ask yourself, "What is your value to all of this?", what are you worth? Why should anybody help you or do anything for you at all when you are not even to try to do it for yourself. By that I simply mean create your own opportunities, don't wait for someone to come along and hand you a silver ladle. Create you own showcases, create your own plays, create your own CD's, create your own films. Acquire knowledge, experience and they shall reward you handsomely.